Welcome to Anglers Choice Fish Mounts

“Where quality is the only thing that matters”

Hello and welcome to Anglers Choice Fish Mounts. My businesss of  creating the 10846451_640909956020404_6604573285593677157_nhighest detailed and painted replicas available in the USA, is near and dear to my heart. This is not what I do, its who I am!

For over 35 years I have been perfecting my craft. Through constant testing and experimenting I have developed and pioneered a very detailed method of picking up even growth rings on the scales of even small fish.

I am on a non-stop quest to raise the bar of quality in my artwork. From pulling tremendously detailed molds off of fresh specimens to hand painting individual scale 3-4 times each to bring out depth and realism.

Many taxidermists mount fish along with deer heads, bobcats ,squirrels etc. I only do fish, one at a time, handcrafted in the USA by me. 99.9% of fish “artists” Buy a blank from a supply house and simply lay down a paint job that in most cases lack depth and detail. This leads to most people getting the same fish from different suppliers over and over. Every fish that we replicate is a custom , one of a kind piece of art.

As you shop around for the artist you will entrust your trophy too, keep in mind quality over price or convenience! Think about it, most Anglers spend tens of thousands of dollars on boats, trucks, rods and reel, tackle etc. When you finally get that fish of a lifetime why on earth would you skimp now? Most people do very few mounts in a lifetime, so since its not a re-occurring expense, why settle for anything but the best? I heard it put (very well I might add) “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”.

I am also very passionate about preserving our resources through catch, photo and release practices. I started molding fish years ago as I saw how fishing was changing due to declining stocks of fish in certain areas. By collecting specimens for decades, I have assembled a very large library of very high quality molds. I have molded over 1000 fish in my lifetime many of which  I still use today. For example, I molded a 34″ Male Steelhead back in 1996. It was such a popular mold with clients that I actually made 3 molds of the same fish. That one Steelhead sacrificed almost 20 years ago has accounted for over 200 fish mounts alone! That is a tremendous amount of trophy Steelhead that were not harvested!

I have a great collection of Largemouth and Smallmouth bass, Walleyes, Panfish and many more. For the Saltwater enthusiast I have trophy Sea trout, Redfish, flounder and Sheepshead as well as Pelagics.

Please review my work on this site, you will find that is some of the best available! I guarantee it.

Bryan Russell