My goal when I started to make fish molds years ago was to allow an angler to land a trophy fish, photograph it and still have a gorgeous trophy for the wall.  By doing this it allows the fish to live and reproduce its trophy10958546_668857839892282_7855380199257494099_o genes. It also allows the fish to grow and be caught again.

By starting a mold library years ago, I am able to cover most any trophy fish. I take great pride in most instances of using molds that I personally made with my quality standards. I have many Trophy, Largemouth and Smallmouth bass, , Steelhead and Brown trout, Crappie , Bluegills And many more. I also have molded hundreds of saltwater species as well. Redfish, Seatrout, Flounder, Sheepshead, Tarpon and others.

Now I will say this for the people that think replicas are all the same fake plastic looking fish. I have perfected a molding process that capture extreme scale and texture detail. Growth rings can be seen in the scales of a 4″ Bluegill. My fins are translucent and thin with natural edges. The full mouth detail such as esophagus, gill rakers, tongue a wrinkles are painstakingly molded and cast in my fish. Eyes custom molded, cast and painted by your reference pictures. These are NOT , I repeat NOT the cheap cartoonish fake looking fish you are used to seeing. The are superior workmanship based on methods that have taken my lifetime to perfect. I have a complete satisfaction guarantee on my artwork.

Skin mounts have thier place, but they don’t last as long due to being comprised of organic material. The skin mount is usually mounted on a carved foam body, which is only as good as the person carving it. There are some really good skin mount artists out there, but skin mounts have a shelf life in my opinion, they do degrade over time

Not only have I perfected a superior molding process, but have developed painting and coloring methods to achieve a very lifelike depth in the scales and coloration. For instance my Typical Largemouth bass has each individual scale painted 3-4 times! The layers are a combination of Metallics, pearls, irridecents and powders to bring life to each scale. All pigments are lightfast and UV protected. I use a very high grade automotive grade clear coat that produces an easy to care for durable longlasting finish.

I believe there are only a handful of artist’s  in the whole country that can produce a superior start to finish, custom replica. Most just order a “blank” From a supply house. Blank meaning lack of detail in most cases. Not to mention every taxidermist in the country ordering from the same places creates a lot of non unique mounts. Most replica artists are only fish painters. Nothing wrong with that if that’s all your looking for.

10404401_568956673215733_8244226246602968486_nThere is a very wide range in quality availble, Do your shopping based on quality not price or convenience. After all how many fish are you going to mount in your lifetime? Get the best.

“The sweetness of low price is forgotten long before the bitterness of poor quality”.

If quality is your ultimate desire then call me to discuss what you are looking for. We can put some ideas together to make your trophy a true centerpiece of your home or office.