I suggest always carrying several sewing tape measures in various places while fishing. They are available at any store in the sewing section. If you forget yours you can always use 2 pieces of fishing line. Measure the 10355000_619453751499358_1028714627253352563_nlength on a piece of line and cut it, then do the same with the girth. Save the 2 pieces and measure when you get home.

Measure length. The live fish must be measured before releasing it back into the water. The most essential measurement necessary is the overall length (mouth closed) This is a nose to end of tail measurement (relaxed not pinched).

Measure girth. A girth measurement, a circumference measurement at the largest part of the body (directly in front of the dorsal fin) is also helpful, although not essential if the fish is stressed.

Get a weight if you carry a scale. There are several inexpensive digital scales on the market for as little as $15

Take photos.—Take photos, being careful not to stress your fish! Good photographs will enable me to create an accurate replica of your fish. Try to get one good photo of the side of the fish, take the time to fill the frame with just the fish. Also any pictures of special areas such as spots, scars, or marking you want in your mount.

Please remember that the less you stress a fish the better chance it has for survival. With that in mind, the two most important pieces of information you can supply us with is a nose to tail length measurement and a color photograph.

Custom molding. We can also produce a custom molded replica of your trophy fish, which provides much more durability and longevity than a skin mount. The result is an exact replica of the fish you caught, which is positioned according to your specifications. With custom molding, your fish must be delivered fully intact, and field care is the same as with skin mounts. Do not gut the fish. Call immediately for handling and shipping instructions.

The best fish mounts are made from the best fish, and whether you keep or release your fish, proper handling will result in both a happy artist and a happy angler.