There are many ways to tastefully display your trophy fish. Backgrounds and scenery can be used to compliment your mount or even tell a story. Variations of background are Riverbanks scenes, Lake Bottom scenes, Custom molded rocks and driftwood, Custom molded lily pads, grass and so on.

When I am designing a background for a mount, I discuss the client’s budget and what they want to portray with it.10666098_606741679437232_6164143347158684630_n

Some folks like a plain mount with no background at all, some like simple driftwood or rocks. I think “less is more” keeping the mount the focal point.

I have done many mounts incorporating the fly or lure that caught the fish, as well as scenes from the streambed or lake bottom.

We can do pedestal mounts with a 360 degree viewing area (extra charge for 2 sided mount)

We also have a big variety of chase fish to incorporate in the scene such as, Minnows, shiners, bream, perch, mullet and shrimp.

The sky is the limit (or your budget, ha-ha!) If you’re thinking about a background for your mount, call me and we can go over it and come up with something tasteful and suitable for you.