When Anglers are talking amongst themselves and the topic of fish replicas comes up, It invariably brings up phrases such as ; “Fake looking, plastic looking, cartoonish, etc.

And in most cases that opinion is correct! There are many thousands of “bad mounts” out there. The problem with some folks is a lack of due diligence in finding a replica artist that produces a real looking fish replica.

99% of fish taxidermists buy a blank from a wholesale supplier and attempt a paint job in between deer heads, ducks and squirrels. Here at Anglers Choice I only do fish. The last critter that had hair or feathers that I handled was in 1992!

I am not a large production shop, I am a sole artist that handles every aspect of preparing your trophy. No one else touches your fish but me.

What makes Anglers Choice different?

All fish  are molded in house by me using methods perfected over 39 years of molding ,casting and painting fish replicas. Not many in the whole country can claim this! No “cookie cutter” mounts here.

The details are as follows:

1.) Fish are custom molded and cast from fresh specimens. Scale detail is unrivaled in the industry. All growth rings, scars and wrinkles in tissues are reproduced with my molding system.

2.) Fish have thin, curved and natural see through fins tinted to the appropriate shade.

3.) Full mouth interior is cast into the replica with esophagus, gill rakers, tooth patches and teeth where applicable.

4.) Each scale painted individually 3-4 times! Natural depth, color and tones are achieved by layering pigments with pearls, metallic’s and iridescent colors to create depth and contrast within each scale. This is very tedious and time consuming BUT extremely necessary to achieve realism in the mount. This is one area almost always overlooked by fish taxidermists.

5.) Each eye is custom cast and painted in acrylic to closely mimic a live eye. A seemingly small detail, but “The eyes are the window to the soul”. This gives the mount the correct attitude and creates a true lifelikeness in the fish. Most folks use pre painted eyes from a supply house that don’t even resemble the real thing.

6.) All mediums of paint used are light fast (non fading) and finished off with a very high quality automotive clear coat that is UV protected for long lasting fish that is both wet looking and durable.

10551080_602360993208634_5949628101713262459_nWhen shopping for an artist these are the most important issues to be addressed. Ask many questions to be sure you are getting what you, the client wants.